She-Shed Update: The Family That Works Together

It seems like it's been forever since I've had an update. Track season kept Prince Charming busy (congrats, Mustang track for all your hard work and progress!), and life in general kept the rest of us busy. 

School's out!

But between track meets, field trips, and family visits, we managed to get some work done. School's out for summer which means progress should speed up. 

This month Prince Charming got the trench dug for burying the electric line. He definitely had some little supervisors wanting to make sure he did it right. The trench went in sections. Dig a long part, put the electric line through part of the conduit, glue the conduit pipes together, dig the next part, bury the previous part, repeat. 

Burying the line, with a little supervisor.

Digging the trench.

Daddy's best helpers.

Where the wiring comes into the shed.

Carrying the conduit pipes.

The conduit, line inside, before being buried.

I think our whole family gained a much deeper appreciation for the men and women who do this work every day. Digging the trench was done entirely by Prince Charming (with the occasional addition by Dante). The oldest children and I helped pull line through the walls in the garage and through the conduits. We all helped bury the line with dirt. It was two very long, very sore days. And yet those two days were also filled with lots of laughter, encouragement, giggles, and fun. And maybe a couple exasperated sighs as we found parts that needed fixed or were harder than anticipated.

Last weekend, my sister and my dad came out to visit. While Bekah and I entertained the seven children inside, Dad and Prince Charming worked the she-shed. My dad also took time to help Gail start on a bookcase for her room, and teach my children how to make the traditional dumplings he ate while on a church mission in Taiwan more years ago than he'll admit to.

Cousin naptime.

Measure twice, cut once.

Installing the subpanel.

Making Chinese dumplings and hearing stories of Taiwan.

PaPa and Gail routing the spaces for shelves on a bookcase.

The help was so appreciated and working together has definitely brought us all closer.

This weekend we had lots of family visit as we were able to do Juliet's baby blessing. Prince Charming and his dad have worked to get the electricity connected, and finish framing up the walls for insulation. And his mom has rocked Grandma duty keeping children entertained with help from Christopher. 

Wiring the shed to the garage breaker box.

Adding pieces of framing to add additional stability and create room for the insulation. 

Grandma and Uncle Christopher playing with the children.

Completed subpanel in the shed.

The work that has gone into the she-shed has been exasperating, tough, rewarding, gratifying, and created special bonds between us and our extended family who have cheerfully and willingly joined the team. 
If nothing else, this project has taught me that the family that works together, stays together.


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