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She-Shed Update: The Family That Works Together

It seems like it's been forever since I've had an update. Track season kept Prince Charming busy (congrats, Mustang track for all your hard work and progress!), and life in general kept the rest of us busy.  School's out! But between track meets, field trips, and family visits, we managed to get some work done. School's out for summer which means progress should speed up.  This month Prince Charming got the trench dug for burying the electric line. He definitely had some little supervisors wanting to make sure he did it right. The trench went in sections. Dig a long part, put the electric line through part of the conduit, glue the conduit pipes together, dig the next part, bury the previous part, repeat.  Burying the line, with a little supervisor. Digging the trench. Daddy's best helpers. Where the wiring comes into the shed. Carrying the conduit pipes. The conduit, line inside, before being buried. I think our whole family gained a much deeper appreciation for the