She-Shed Update: Making Things Pretty

 Progress on the she-shed this month has been slow going. Prince Charming is taking a master's class right now, it's track season, and we're hitting the end-of-school slump. So rather than tackling the larger projects such as wiring and drywall, we've focused on smaller projects.

One of the things I desperately wanted for my office, was an old-fashioned roll top desk. They're sturdy, have tons of storage space, and there's something about them that just says "author" to me. Prince Charming, being the amazing man he is, found me the perfect, used desk at a fraction of the cost a new one would have cost, and not at all far from where we live. He drove out to pick it up after school one day and brought this beauty home.

Roll top desk
It has a few minor flaws on it, one of which was a small spot on the backboard which had peeled away. So I scoured Amazon for some stick-on wallpaper. I found a beautiful peony pattern in the same colors I plan on using inside the shed. Into my cart it hopped and the order was placed! Once it arrived, Prince Charming patiently and carefully applied the wallpaper to the backboard and then on the inside of the drawers for a nice, feminine touch.

Carefully peeling away the backing.

Getting it in position

Smoothing it down.


Working on the drawers

Slow and steady

So pretty!

The next item I really wanted was a window planter box. I absolutely love flowers, and I love gardens. So once again Prince Charming helped me search for the perfect window box. We ordered it, and then waited for it to arrive. I went with the children to the annual plant sale held by the FFA and high school band. We picked out plants for their turtle garden, and plants for my window box. 

Pretty flowers for everyone!
We planted the children's garden first, since we still needed potting soil for my planter. The kiddos always enjoy this part of the year!
Gail planting geraniums.

Ben planting mini morning glory

Sam watering.

Once we had all the materials, it was time to put the box together and plant my flowers! While at the plant sale, Gail helped me choose sweet alyssum, angelonia, and calibrachoa. 
Prince Charming and Sam putting the finishing seal on the window box

Adding plants and potting soil.

Carefully getting the plants out of the box.

Smoothing the soil.

Sam gives directions and his approval. 

Serena Purple angelonia, Superbells Blue Moon Punch calibrachoa, and Snow Princess sweet alyssum make up this arrangement.

All planted and looking beautiful!

It will be exciting to watch these flowers grow and have that fun pop of color in my window. We're hoping the weather will stay nice this week so during the weekend, Prince Charming can run and bury the electric line from our garage to the shed. We have the materials now to put in the epoxy flooring to cover the cement, as well as the drywall to get the walls put together. Progress will likely continue to be slow until the end of the school year, but I'm so excited for all the progress we have made. I can hardly wait for everything to be finished so I can show off my beautiful new workspace.

What flowers would you put in a window box?


  1. This is beautiful! I absolutely love your desk too. That splash of paper is beautiful!
    What flowers? That's difficult because white roses are my favorite but they don't grow well in a window box. Are there small blue flowers that grow well in shallow soil? That's what I would do.

    1. Hmm, I'm sure you could find some small blue flowers. Also, depending on the size window box, you might be able to do mini rosebushes.


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