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She-Shed Update: Making Things Pretty

 Progress on the she-shed this month has been slow going. Prince Charming is taking a master's class right now, it's track season, and we're hitting the end-of-school slump. So rather than tackling the larger projects such as wiring and drywall, we've focused on smaller projects. One of the things I desperately wanted for my office, was an old-fashioned roll top desk. They're sturdy, have tons of storage space, and there's something about them that just says "author" to me. Prince Charming, being the amazing man he is, found me the perfect, used desk at a fraction of the cost a new one would have cost, and not at all far from where we live. He drove out to pick it up after school one day and brought this beauty home. Roll top desk It has a few minor flaws on it, one of which was a small spot on the backboard which had peeled away. So I scoured Amazon for some stick-on wallpaper. I found a beautiful peony pattern in the same colors I plan on using insid