She-Shed Update: Adding Personality

 Time just seems to keep going faster and faster, doesn't it? This past month has seen slow progress on the shed as we've dealt with inclement weather and minor setbacks. Thankfully we've learned along the way, and progress continues.

Daddy daughter paint date.

One of the things we've been focusing on over the last month is getting the exterior done. The last door and the doggy door were put in. Then for the fun part: painting! Because we want the shed to match our house, especially since it is mostly visible to the street, we chose a bright white for the bulk of the siding.

Putting in the accent front siding.

Because this building was once a one-car garage, there had been a garage door to the front at some point. That had been replaced with plywood boards long before we moved in. We covered those boards (and replaced damaged ones) with housing plastic and then added an accent, vertical siding. It took a few tries to get this part just right. The "measure twice, cut once" advice was great, until Prince Charming realized he'd measured the wrong side. But with some creativity, and a new piece of siding, we were able to get it fixed. Unless you're really looking close, the average passerby won't even notice.

Weather changes, because Kansas doesn't believe in a smooth transition to spring, forced us to move from the exterior to the interior. That meant putting in the wall mount air conditioning and heating unit. Prince Charming with help from my brother John got it put up where we wanted it, and we even tested it out.
Can you find Prince Charming?

Cutting boards to allow for increased space for the insulation.

Once the weather improved again, we started getting things set up for painting once more. John helped direct the children in setting up a workspace in the kitchen. Each of those pieces is a trim piece for the exterior.

Meanwhile, Prince Charming got the accent siding painted a beautiful sage green. 

Exterior work continued and I brought a tiny problem to my sweetheart. Because of where the shed is, right next to our veggie garden space, there was quite a step up into the shed. Not too big a problem for me and my long legs. But little Dante was struggling to get in through his door. Prince Charming came up with a great solution: a simple brick patio. The children and I worked to move dirt from the garden into the brick outline. Then Prince Charming created a smooth, brick patio giving our little dog much easier access to his door.

Another daddy daughter paint date

Getting the trim pieces put in place, with adorable supervisors.

Can't keep this kid down!

Completed patio

Our spring break flew past, but I'm amazed at what we've been able to accomplish. Trim pieces have been created, painted, and put in place, though there are still more to go. The AC/Heating unit is installed, a new patio is on the back side, and the front is looking beautiful. 

Next goals: finish getting the trim in place and painted, plan out and run the wiring, and get work done on the interior.

What do you think of our project so far? 


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