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She-Shed Update: Adding Personality

 Time just seems to keep going faster and faster, doesn't it? This past month has seen slow progress on the shed as we've dealt with inclement weather and minor setbacks. Thankfully we've learned along the way, and progress continues. Daddy daughter paint date. One of the things we've been focusing on over the last month is getting the exterior done. The last door and the doggy door were put in. Then for the fun part: painting! Because we want the shed to match our house, especially since it is mostly visible to the street, we chose a bright white for the bulk of the siding. Putting in the accent front siding. Because this building was once a one-car garage, there had been a garage door to the front at some point. That had been replaced with plywood boards long before we moved in. We covered those boards (and replaced damaged ones) with housing plastic and then added an accent, vertical siding. It took a few tries to get this part just right. The "measure twice, cu