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She-Shed Update: Let There Be Light

 Readers, January went by so very fast! In that time, we worked quite a bit on the she-shed, when weather was on our side. So this will be mostly pictures, but here's our progress so far. New, 3x4 foot windows have been installed on each side of the shed.  Window on North side along with replaced siding. Even the little ones got to help. So much light! We've roped visiting family into helping out too. Thanks, James! Along with the addition of windows, there has been repair work to the north siding. This is where we had the most damage. We also have installed the new door to the front. This was a bigger project than first anticipated, and definitely a learning experience! One of the things we learned was that the old plywood we hoped to use as sheathing wasn't going to work. So off it came. Gary enjoyed helping measure the openings as new sheathing was put in. Before installing the door, we had to check that it would fit properly in the opening we'd made. It was late eve