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Project Reveal: The She Shed

Many of us learned lessons during the pandemic, especially in the early stages when various states and countries were under some form of lockdown. We may have learned a new hobby or skill. Perhaps we learned we weren't as introverted as we thought (or maybe the opposite). Most parents learned a whole new level of parenting challenge as they tried to pick up homeschooling skills. One of the lessons I learned: if I am in the house, it does not matter how many other adults are available, my children will ask me for whatever it is they need or want. Prince Charming is a great support in every way. He cheerfully takes care of the children so I can write. But they will still come ask me. After one day of frustration, my husband jokingly suggested I use the garden shed as an office. I brushed it off at first. The garden shed is an old one-car garage. There is siding that needs replaced, cracks in the cement floor, and it is dark in there. Front view of the garden shed Interior view of the