Where the Heart Is Book Birthday!

Where the Heart Is book cover
Readers, I was seriously beginning to wonder if this day would ever come! It's been a long time since I went this long without having a new release for you. But now that release day is finally here, I'm so very excited to share Where the Heart Is with you! These characters have been on my mind for a long time, and I bet they're super excited to be going out into the world too.  

One of the things I loved most about working on this project was all the research that went into it. I'm always learning new things for my book projects, and this particular project sent me looking for information more than once. I learned a lot about ranch life, the animals, conservation in ranching, and so much more. I could (and probably should) write a whole series of blog posts just on all the research I did! 

But one of the most exciting things for me is that I managed to release a book this year. With 2020 being a year of upheavals, it was not looking good for me. Between morning sickness (and now just the general aches and pains of pregnancy), quarantine keeping all of my children and my husband at home, and all the normal wrenches life likes to throw, my writing time this year has been severely limited. I have to give a ginormous shout-out of thanks to my Happily Ever After Club for always having an encouraging word for me when I was about ready to throw in the towel. Or at least, said I was considering it. You guys know I love my books almost as much as you do, which means I'm highly unlikely to ever quit. 

With this being my first release of the year, and with it being so late into the year, I decided this launch needed to go out with a bang! I'm spoiling myself right now with one of my favorite chocolate bars (caramel and sea salt, yum!), and tonight I'll be spoiling the whole family with a delicious chocolate cake. But I wanted to spoil a special reader too, because without you readers I would be my own audience and that wouldn't be all that much fun. 

Where the Heart Is swag pack giveaway items (minus signed paperback).
So I decided it was time to put together a swag pack. Something that would be fun, relate to the book, and tell my readers just how much I love and appreciate them. I started looking online and doing some shopping around. What I put together is an awesome pack that I think will make one lucky reader's day! Prizes will include:
  • Where the Heart Is tote bag perfect for carrying your library books, non-perishable groceries, or any daily necessities.
  • Signed paperback of Where the Heart Is (not pictured)
  • Fall truck hand towel (so super cute I nearly got one for myself too)
  • Fall truck coffee mug
  • Happily Ever After Club pen
  • Bookmarks
  • Bath and Body Works "Golden Sunflower" hand cream
  • Apple scented candle in a mini Mason jar
  • Jolly Ranchers (because you know this author loves word play)
  • Assorted Russell Stover chocolates

This giveaway will run from now (Sept. 7) until Sept. 21 with a winner being chosen Sept. 22. Good luck!


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