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Welcome to Twining Hearts Ranch: What's In a Name?

Readers, I've been away for a terribly long time and I apologize for that. The last several months, as I'm sure you've experienced for yourself, have been crazy. While I've been gone, I've gotten some slow writing done and I'm now in the process of wrapping up a project I've been wanting to do all year.  Where the Heart Is is on preorder now through Labor Day.  Coming very soon, the first book in the Twining Hearts Ranch series, Where the Heart Is ! Over the next month as we prepare for the book to come out, I'll share some insights into the locations, characters, and animal friends you'll meet in Where the Heart Is.  For today, I thought I'd answer a question sent by one of my beta readers. When Lottie inherits the ranch from her grandfather, it is called the Rocking Bar H. She changes the name to Twining Hearts Ranch, though she preserves the brand and title Rocking Bar H for the cattle aspect of her business.  But, why Rocking Bar H? What'