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Lessons Learned: A 2019 Recap

New Year's is upon us and I'm sure like many of you, I'm taking a look at my 2019. It's been a good year, overall. Our family enjoyed many adventures, my husband and I celebrated ten wonderful years together, and we made hundreds of little memories. Black-lit cave at Glenwood Springs But this year, I also fell short on many goals. It's easy to focus in on what I didn't do, but first, I'd like to allow myself a moment to look at what I did do. I improved my health, losing and keeping off about 10 pounds. I've still got a ways to go before I reach my ultimate physical goal, but the progress was reassuring. I found better ways to feed my body, and learned that maybe cardio exercise isn't quite as terrible as I thought. I was able to spend precious time with my little ones and family, building memories which will last a lifetime. And despite not reaching all of my writing goals, I did manage to get 5 new books out and wrote a new 12 Chapters of C