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Running the Patient Race - Guest Post

A few days ago, my dear friend and fellow author, Sarah Ashwood Blackwell, posted on Facebook about a passage of scripture that had impacted her. As I've been recently trying to develop healthier habits, including moving this slow body of mine around more, I found her words deeply touching and profound. I invited her to share on my blog, which she agreed. So I'll now turn it over to Sarah.

I was blessed reading this passage from Hebrews 12 recently. These verses speak to me as someone who has run several long distance races, but as a "patient" runner, because I'm no speedster. I'm slow, so I have to set my eye on the prize, the goal, which is finishing, and just plod there. Keep on plodding there even when I'm tired and my muscles and joints hurt and I really, really want to quit. The parallel between a race like that and the Christian life is obvious to me. It's a slow thing, a lifelong thing. It's not about being the first to the finish line, but…