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Celebrating Ten Years

My sweet Prince Charming and I on our wedding day. This July, Prince Charming and I will hit our tenth anniversary. It's crazy how fast time flies, isn't it? Shortly after we had our first child, I talked to him about how I thought it was really important for us to take time to just be a couple, and we decided that every fifth anniversary we would take a few days for a getaway trip. This trip has been a comedy of errors from the planning stages. Original plans had to be scrapped when the sister I had traded babysitting with learned that her husband would need to train for a new job, and they would most likely be moving by the time I took my trip. After assuring Bekah it wasn't the end of the world, we hadn't set up any reservations yet, we set up with my other sister to watch the children. She agreed, as long as we told her the dates in advance so she could get off work. While we had hoped to do the trip over our actual anniversary, that changed too. My parents ar